Sunday, May 24, 2009

Astro Weather May 2009

New Moon May 24, 2009 at 5:15 am PDT

Today's new moon occurred at sunrise with Mercury retrograding away from it in the moon's sign of exhaltation, Taurus. The Sun, Moon and Mercury were lined up on the horizon against the stellar backdrop of the nakshatra Krittika. As I mentioned in the May 7, 2009 post, the symbols of Krittika are a flame, razor, and knife that cut away negativity to reveal the greatest truth. It is a star of purification whose dahana shakti gives the power to burn away not only physical impurities, but also adverse karma itself. The ruling deity is Agni, the god of fire. It is an auspicious time to perform a fire ceremony, practice breath of fire pranayama, purify the dietary fire, or stimulate mental fire and creativity. Both my partner and I were up earlier than usual for a Sunday morning, restless and wired by this fire energy.

This 'star of fire' is also known as 'the cutters' perhaps referring to the weapons wielded by its other deity, Karttikeya, one of Shiva's sons. According to Vedic traditions, Shiva promised to produce a son who would destroy the demons that had taken over the heavens. For his protection, the infant Karttikeya was hidden away by the 7 Wives of the 7 Seers, the 7 bright stars of the Pleiades. In this place of refuge, they instructed and prepared him for his destiny. Thus this asterism symbolizes the celestial training ground where one receives instruction on one's life purpose.

As I mentioned in a previous post, whenever I see Pleiades I immediately think: Stargate or Portal, and relate it to modern sci-fi mythologies like that of Star Trek. Today's new moon on the horizon begins a lunation cycle in which these mythologies may be acted out in daily life over the next 28 days.


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Crop Circles and the July Full Moon 2009

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Linda Moulton Howe recently published a brilliant three-part article on a series of crop circles that appeared this spring. Between April 14, 2009, and May 10, 2009, eleven crop formations were reported in the flowering rapeseed fields of Wiltshire County, England. She interviews an anonymous Australian astrophysicist who describes how some of the crop patterns contain astronomical information about the potential for increased solar flares and coronal mass ejection (CME) activity during the apogee full moon period in July.

This is big news for anyone following the solar maximum and minimum cycles of the sun. I have been watching these cycles because I noticed that I tend to feel better when the sun emits a CME -- perhaps the active photons wake me up or messes with the Lyme's spirochete nestled in my cells? This solar minimum of cycle 23 has been a real drag for me, literally. In fact it is one of the "deepest" solar minimums on record with 266/366 (73%) days without a sun spot in 2008. Today posts the total for 2009: 115 days (86%) without sunspots. So since the beginning of solar minimum there have been 626 days without sunspots, compared with the typical 485. This week the sun had a new spot, 1017, and it could signal the long-awaited beginning of the next solar cycle 24.

Many solar scientists expected this new sunspot cycle to be a bigger than anything we've seen before and warnings of gigantic CMEs that could fry satellites and raise hell with earthly communications, the power grid and modern electronics, were predicted. But according to some scientists, there’s scant proof Sunspot Cycle 24 is even here, let alone the debut of big trouble. So far there have been just a couple minor spots on the face of the sun to suggest the old cycle is over and the new one is coming.

The roughly 11-year cycle of sunspot activity should have bottomed out last year, the end of Cycle 23 and the beginning of Cycle 24. That would have put the peak in new sunspot activity around 2012. On May 8, 2009 the Space Weather Prediction Center at NOAA posted:

May 8, 2009 -- Solar Cycle 24 Prediction Update The Solar Cycle 24 Prediction Panel has reached a consensus decision on the prediction of the next solar cycle (Cycle 24). First, the panel has agreed that solar minimum occurred in December, 2008. This still qualifies as a prediction since the smoothed sunspot number is only valid through September, 2008. The panel has decided that the next solar cycle will be below average in intensity, with a maximum sunspot number of 90. Given the predicted date of solar minimum and the predicted maximum intensity, solar maximum is now expected to occur in May, 2013. Note, this is a consensus opinion, not a unanimous decision. A supermajority of the panel did agree to this prediction.

2012 theorists may be disappointed with this shift in solar maximum date, but as evidenced by experience, human understanding and recognition of the "pattern" may be limited. And the years leading up to 2012 may have more shifts than 2012 itself.

The anonymous Aussie astrophysicist makes an interesting case regarding the astronomical information contained in the crop circles: "In these 2009 progressions of crop patterns so far, it seems like the circle makers are describing a combined ‘solar flare and coronal mass ejection’ on the apogee full Moon of July 7, 2009." The crop circle makers even distinguish the apogee position which occurs 12 hours after the full moon. "The May 9, 2009, pattern at Peak's Down (apogee-perigee) seems to suggest that several CMEs might pass as close to Earth as lunar orbit.”

The May 10th crop circle has been interpreted as showing a double solar flare.

And it reminds me of the "angry" sun on the Cross of Hendaye discussed so eloquently by Jay Weidner in The Mysteries of the Great Cross of Hendaye; Alchemy and the End of Time. According to Weidner, the angry sun of the cross of Hendaye may be an alchemical symbol for a massive solar flare that hits the earth and causes cataclysmic events that signals the end of the Kali Yuga.

The full moon and apogee astrology charts are interesting to consider in light of these crop circle messages. The full moon will be in Sagittarius, in the nakshatra Purva Ashada with the sun residing in Gemini, in the nakshatra Punarvasu. This full moon brings in the power of invigoration, varchograhana shakti. Purva Ashada means undefeated and it is often called "the invincible star". Its deities are associated with cosmic waters and rain, Apas/Varuna. This full moon will also be eclipsed by the shadow of the earth. Yes, all this occurs on a penumbral lunar eclipse. But the moon will not be in the same sign as the north node, Rahu, until the Apogee 12 hours later. This line up occurs in the Nakshatra Uttara Ashada, the "universal star" (on BO's dasha and chart rulers) again granting unchallengable victory, apradhrisya shakti.

Given the nature of the solar predictions encrypted in the crop circles, it seems wise to also look at the condition of the sun during this lunation and eclipse. Punar means "repeat" or "again" and vasu means "ray of light". It is called the "star of renewal" and represents the return of the light to the soul. Could it perhaps also indicate a renewal of solar cycles? Aditi, the mother goddess, is the ruling deity of this nakshatra. She is the earth goddess who grants all abundance and gives birth to all the gods, vasutva prapana shakti, the ability to gain wealth or substance. Will the full light blessing from the sun be able to touch the moon without the shadow of the earth interfering? We shall see.


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mercury Retrograde May 6 - May 30, 2009

Mercury Retrograde thru Krittika May 6 - June 30, 2009

Last night Mercury stationed and began its retrograde motion through the sign of Taurus, in the nakshatra Krittika. It will conjunct the sun on May 18, 2009, and go direct on May 30, 2009. This year the retrograde Mercury pattern occurs in Earth signs which may make the energy feel more plodding, or as a fellow astrologer pointed out may help to get the details worked out (thanks BR). This cycle begins in Taurus, and spends a few days in Aries, all in the nakshatra of Krittika, which holds the six visible stars of the Pleiades. The symbols of Krittika are a flame, razor or knife that cut away negativity to reveal the greatest truth. The dahana shakti gives the power to burn. Krittika literally means "the cutters" and is called the "star of fire".

When Mercury is placed here minds are sharped, and illusions are burned away. The retrograde may assist us to look back over the past few months and reassess our beliefs. As Mercury also rules commerce we may see more problems with political transparency and bail out plans. Today's headline on the Huffington Post read: Time to Scramble for More Funds.

Krittika contains the Pleiades , also called the Seven Sisters, a star cluster, located around 425 light years from the earth. It contains hundreds of stars and many young planets that NASA is searching for signs of life.

The Pleiades was well known throughout recorded human history. The ancient Greeks named it the Seven Sisters after its most visible hot blue stars; the Aztecs of Mexico and Central America based their calendar upon the Pleiades; and the cluster is mentioned in the Bible, when God asks Job, "Can you bind the beautiful Pleiades? Can you loose the cords of Orion?"(Rocky Planets Might Inhabit Popular Nearby Star Cluster, by Ker Than, posted: 15 November 2007 on

The Pleiades find their way into many modern science fiction books, TV shows and movies. An image appearing to be this cluster was contained in the Enterprise computer in 2254, when the Talosians scanned Enterprise's records in the first Star Trek episode The Cage.

In this episode Captain Pike, the previous captain of the Enterprise, is captured and tested by the familiar big-headed beings with pulsing craniums who can project powerfully realistic illusions (like Hollywood directors ;).

The Talosians were an aged, cerebral, sentient, humanoid species native to Talos IV in the Talos star group. These big-headed beings are very Mercurial, and a trip down memory lane is an interesting use of this Mercury retrograde sync.

The back story of the Talosians is much like many channeled teachings that suggest the oldest root races of humans originate from the star systems of Lyra, and after some galactic calamity escaped to Pleiades and established an interstellar portal with the earth. So whenever I see Pleiades I immediately think: Stargate or Portal.

According to Vedic traditions, the six wifes of the ancient Seers, represented by the six stars, hid Shiva's son Skanda from the demons and trained him in the various systems of knowledge. His destiny was to destroy the demons and return heaven to the Gods. Thus the Pleiades, or Krittika, is a celestial training ground where one receives instruction on one's life purpose. It is also a place of refuge.

The Talosians were once a technologically advanced culture but a nuclear holocaust left their planet virtually uninhabitable and killed most of the species. The survivors of the nuclear war congregated in underground dwellings, where they became dependent on their mental ability to create stunningly real illusions, an ability that had been developed by their ancestors. As their mental powers grew, they lost the ability to use the technology left behind by their ancestors. The Talosians found that life using illusion was addictive, almost like a human developing a physical and psychological dependence on narcotics. They became bored with the content of the illusions which they had. Their dependence upon these illusions for mental stimuli caused the Talosians to begin capturing space travelers to use as the living basis for their illusions.

Some folks in ET circles believe that 2009 is the year of disclosure regarding our government's knowledge of alien life and that BO is alien friendly, or even the reincarnation of the alien-looking ancient Egyptian pharaoh Akhnaton. Mercury retrograding through the fields of our ancient alien ancestors may bring forth new information indeed, but will it be truth or illusion?

Another interesting sync is that this week the new Star Trek movie, a prequel, is being released. It is retrograding back to the early life of Captain James T. Kirk and a how they initially set out to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before.

With all the Star Trek fans out there, it is a guaranteed cash crop!
Live long and prosper my friends!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

May Astro Weather 2009

Jupiter moves into Aquarius May 1 - July 30, 2009

May began with the great benefic Jupiter leaving the sign of Capricorn, its debilitation, to the sign Aquarius. While Aquarius is still ruled by Saturn, it is not as heavy, restrictive or debilitating as Capricorn for the expansive gas giant, Jupiter.

As I mentioned in my previous post modern astrologers assigned the planet Uranus to rule Aquarius. Its association with sudden change, shock, disturbance, transformation, eccentricity, electricity, and invention will also have a temporal influence on Jupiter. In Vedic astrology Jupiter in Aquarius is organized, democratic, and sometimes revolutionary. During the next three months I would expect to see new opportunities and innovations that may inspire investment in the future. Look for more headlines about the campaign to revitalize America by investing in alternative energies like the 2009 Time 100 Most Influential People interview on CNN between Ted Turner and T. Boone Pickens which first aired on May 1, 2009.

But the biggest news story of May, and perhaps the summer, is H1Ni, the Swine Flu. The media hype has distracted our attention away from the depressed economy, and instead created a worldwide health panic on which to focus. While Jupiter was still debilitated in Capricorn, the World Health Organization raised its pandemic alert level to a 5 out of 6-levels. Fear has become so widespread that Australia has told its citizens to stock up food and supplies for 14 days; Egypt has ordered the slaughter of the country's 300,000 pigs, even though no cases have been reported there; conspiracy theorists suggest the swine flu virus was genetically engineered by bioterrorists and is being used to create fear and mandatory vaccination; and in the US there are reports of school closures, overwhelmed emergency rooms, and consumer runs on hand sanitizers and flu remedies.

Even so, the fear (False Evidence Appearing Real) being promoted by the media's initial coverage of the flu is starting to subside now that Jupiter is more fully established in Aquarius and we are beginning see that it is not as "deadly" as first reported. As of today the WHO has confirmed 898 cases worldwide, with 20 deaths, all of people born in Mexico.

Aquarius is the sign that rules the masses and Jupiter's expansive nature can effect it positively and negatively. One positive revelation coming out of all this hype is exposing how the meat industry is in part responsible for the swine and avian flu plagues. For years experts have been warning that the rise of large-scale factory farms in North America has created the perfect breeding grounds for the emergence and spread of new highly-virulent strains of influenza. Now people are listening.

However, they are also listening to the fear-mongering. In spite of the facts, the media seems to be setting us up to be prepared for future mandatory vaccinations, even though historically vaccines have caused more deaths than the actual flu. And more than half a dozen pharmaceutical companies with stakes in the vaccine business will likely see revenue boosts if the swine flu outbreak continues to spread.

Moreover, governments like the US are scheduled to dispose of billions of dollars of Tamiflu stock, which they bought to counter a predicted avian flu, or H5N1 back in 2005, that never happened. At that time the US government ordered 20 million doses, costing $2 billion, and around that time the UK government ordered 14.6 million doses. Tamiflu’s manufacturer, Roche, has confirmed that the shelf life of its anti-viral is three years, so how convenient that it now can be released as it expires? On April 27, 2009 Homeland Security declared a health emergency and released 25 percent of 50 million doses -- about 12 million doses -- of Tamiflu and Relenza treatment courses from the nation's stockpile. For more on the facts behind this hype I would suggest the comments of Ron Paul on Youtube or reading the article Critical Alert: The Swine Flu -- Fact or Fiction on Dr. Mercola's website:

Between May 15-27, 2009 Jupiter will make an exact conjunction with Neptune, which turns retrograde on May 28, 2009. As I mentioned in my previous post, astrologically Neptune is associated with drugs, psychic sensitivity, imagination, oil, and the media and film. During this time Jupiter may effect all of these realms. Certainly the flu and vaccinations, and the role of government in health care will be in at the forefront of the news. Look for the release of summer movies with fantasy and extra-terrestrial themes. The oil industry will also make headlines, perhaps rise in oil costs to cover future exploration of greener energy. During this time it will be important not to let Jupiter's expansive nature inflate our fears and imagination. A little Saturnian discernment is most useful right now.


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