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Astro Weather July 2007

July begins under the influence of the full moon in Sagittarius on June 30,2007. The energy of a full moon is expansive and in Sagittarius its effect is amplified as Jupiter, the planet of expansion, rules that sign. The moon represents our receptive, reflective and conditioned human mind. A full moon is a time when our minds may receive the fullest light from the Sun, or consciousness.

Our thinking mind is ruled by Mercury which has been retrograde in Gemini since June 15, 2007 and is opposite this full moon. The nature of Gemini is to seek change and interchange. Our thoughts may become overly expansive and scattered with this line up. The axis of this opposition aligns fairly close to the galactic center, so pay attention to dreams and messages from both the conscious and unconscious realms. In general Mercury retrograde is an opportune time to focus the mind inward either through meditation, creative work, or dream work. It allows one to reassess our thought patterns and make changes if necessary. Mercury went retrograde on June 15th and will go stationary direct on July 9th at 7:16 pm.

On a personal level, my most anticipated change for the year happens in July when Saturn shifts from Cancer to Leo. Saturn in Cancer has been in opposition with Neptune in Capricorn for the past two years, reaching an exact opposition during February 2007 and the last few weeks of June. Saturn teaches lessons about reality, and Neptune about illusion. Wow, what a pairing. Saturn in Cancer, the sign of growth, is uncomfortable and restricts expansion. Neptune in Saturn's sign of Capricorn manifests issues with ideals and illusions around growth and security. Depending on where this opposition play out in your individual chart will reveal how it plays out in your life. For example I've seen several marriages including my own end under this influence due to the reality of Saturn exposing the illusion of Neptune. My astrology teacher, Dennis Flaherty has discussed and written much on this topic.
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Saturn enters the constellation of Leo around July 16, 2007 and while it is still not the best sign for Saturn, the fire of Leo will warm up the damped influences of Cancer -- and Saturn will pull away from Neptune. However, Saturn will also be heading towards Ketu, the south node, and will be part of the eclipse cycle patterns for the next year. Ketu represents detachment from materialism and promises liberation. The best use this energy is to let go and scale back.

During the first days of July, a Venus-Saturn conjunction will be visible in the night sky.

Venus will also be traveling through the constellation of Leo at the beginning of July. As an indicator of love, beauty and the arts, Venus becomes very charismatic in Leo. Venus also represents the higher astral plane and inspires devotion, both spiritual and romantic. This planet was the primary point of focus of many ancient civilizations including the Egyptian and Mayan cultures whose calendars were based on her cycles. A Venus cycle includes 5 retrogrades over 8 years, cutting a path in the shape of a star or pentagram. For some great images of this phenomenon see

The next Venus retrograde period begins on July 27, 2007 and completes on September 9, 2007. According to Vedic astrology, retrograde planets may be more powerful. In one of my favorite astrology books, Astrology of the Seers, David Frawley writes:

Retrograde planets often indicate a karmic result. They may be functioning to fulfill some karmic debt or promise or to clear up affairs from the past.

And beware, as Venus is in Leo, there may be some drama associated with this retrograde. This beautiful planet will be traveling with Saturn, the lord of Karma, and Ketu, the south node, indicator of liberation. The outcome of their stellar influences will most certainly be karmic.


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