Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Stellar wind -- geomagnetic storm in progress

Did you feel it? There was a surge of highly charged particles hitting the earth's atmosphere early this morning which woke me from a sound sleep. After an hour of watching my clock, I decided to check the KP index ( ) which did show a spike of activity. So I decided to make a post since I could not sleep.

As someone who works with energetic fields, I have realized that I am quite sensitive to magnetic fluctuations and I believe that the human body has a magnetic field that is profoundly effected by electromagnetic and geomagnetic shifts. You can see how the energetic fields depicted by Alex Grey above and the fields surrounding the earth resemble each other --as above, so below. I started to become aware of this connection while in acupuncture school during the last solar maximum in 2000. In 2000 something very mysterious happened. The south pole of the Sun disappeared while a second north pole developed. (See ). I found this extremely fascinating in light of the close election result: a tie between two presidential hopefuls and two north poles tied together (in astrology the sun represents leaders and kings). This amazing coincidence inspired me to look more deeply at the sunspot theories.

Apparently I was not alone looking at the cyclical nature of sunspots. There have been all sorts of studies, including economic correlations to stock market fluctuation and the sunspot cycle. The shifting of the sun's poles occurs approximately every 11 years and seems to be related to the sunspot cycle -- and theoretically to changes in political and economic reversals. Certainly the liberal political climate of the US shifted 180 degrees after the Clinton years to a conservative one.

What makes recent sunspot activity interesting is its possible connection to global warming. A little discussed phenomenon is that not only the earth is heating up. All the planets in our solar system are warming. (See ). Slightly les controversial is the theory that space weather has a profound effect on earth's climate and weather patterns. One of my favorite books is called Solar Rain by Mitch Battros who proposes this equation: Sunspots =>Solar Flares (CME)=>Magnetic Shift=>Shifting Ocean and Jet Stream Currents=> Extreme Weather. Initially scoffed at by mainstream scientists, the tide has now turned and evidence is mounting that here is indeed a direct influence of space weather on earth weather, and in my opinion on human weather/energetic systems.

Today's energetic spike was not caused by a solar flare or CME. Although there is a large sunspot crossing the earth side of the sun, this solar wind seems be coming from another place in space, thus I call it a stellar wind. I believe the sun is a living conscious field and that it senses the environment of the solar system as well as communicates with its distant stellar family. I've noticed flares and solar winds increase when other objects enter our solar system, like the recent discovery of a small comet called COMET LINEAR VZ13 which is gliding by the constellation Draco (conspiracy buffs take notice). (For more on the comet and current space weather activity see I wonder if there will ever be a time when scientific research will definitively connect the weather above, to the weather below.

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