Friday, August 3, 2007

Astro Weather August 2007

Venus Retrograde, July 27 - September 8

August begins under the influence of a recently retrograding Venus. As the planet of relationships, arts, and pleasure, Venus retrograde slows down the flow of energy to these areas of our lives. We may feel blocked from receiving the things we love. Venus also rules the neck, and I have to say the energy in my neck is not flowing like it should. The remedy for this counterflow is to reflect the energy of a retrograde by "stepping back" to reassess what brings us enjoyment, or how does what brings us enjoyment also bring a pain in the neck? Are the relationships in our lives working? If not, how do we shift energy or our perspectives to be more aligned with a higher aspect of Venus?

Vedic astrology offers wonderful remedial measures, called upayas, for afflicted planets or difficult transits including wearing gemstones and chanting mantra. White crystals, such as diamond and white sapphire, emit a frequency that resonates with Venus. By wearing these crystals we imprint our field with this vibration and thus strengthen the Venus frequency within us. In the Vedic tradition, Venus, Shukra, is the son of the great seer Bhrigu who taught his descendant all spiritual sciences and Vedic scriptures. As Venus rules chanting of mantras, tantra, alchemy and the medical arts, these pursuits are great remedies. Venus retrograde is the perfect time to reconnect with these practices -- especially on Venus' day, Friday. A mantra one might use is: Om shum shukraaye namah.

For a list of planetary mantras and their pronounciation see:

Saturn in Leo
Saturn continues it journey in the early degree of Leo. As I mentioned in a previous post, Saturn will be at the critical gandanta degrees until August 11, 2007, a day before the new moon in Cancer/Ashlesha. The following week the Sun catches up to Saturn and Saturn starts to lose more strength as it becomes combust on August 21, 2007. And the final week of August involves Saturn in the Lunar eclipse, on August 28, 2007. This period is definitely a time to take it easy, beware of burn out, and practice Saturn's mantra: Om sham shanayisharaaye namah.

Jupiter Stations
The good news for the month is that Jupiter stations and goes direct late on Monday August 6, 2007 opposite an exalted Taurus moon conjunct Mars. As the great benefic, Jupiter is significator of happiness, knowledge, learning and expansion. When it goes direct we may feel more optimistic. The coinciding wide opposition to Mars may encourage us to suddenly ask for what we want. Just make sure not to be overly demanding or expansive because a combust Saturn and retrograde Venus which square the Jupiter-Mars opposition may still bring some unexpected disappointment.


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