Sunday, July 27, 2008

Astro Weather August 2008

Solar Eclipse, August 1, 2008
As I've discussed in earlier posts (See August 10, 2007), an eclipse is defined as an astronomical event in which one celestial object moves into the shadow of another. Here on earth eclipses of the sun and moon occur in pairs every six months as the nodes, Rahu and Ketu, align with the full or new moon.

Astrological traditions view eclipse cycles as a karmic time period in which the obscuration of the luminaries brings out psychological disturbances, political unrest, shadow issues, and fear. August begins with the South Node, Ketu eclipsing the new moon on August 1, 2008 at 3:13 am PDT. The qualities of a Ketu eclipse differ than that of a Rahu eclipse and reflect the mysterious energy of the South Node. Ketu is the tail of the dragon. It has no head, but it does have heart which causes it to react instinctively, emotionally, and intuitively rather than intellectually like Rahu, the head of the dragon. Ketu eclipses can trigger irrational fear or moments of enlightenment.

In the wee hours of the morning the new moon will occur in Cancer in one of the most auspicous nakshatras Pushya, meaning the "nourisher" and sometimes translated as "flower". It represents the flowering and nurturing process of the sign Cancer. Its shakti power is the abililty to create spiritual energy, brahmavarchasa shakti and it gives this new moon the energy to mature our spiritual practice.

Ketu is located nearly 10 degrees away, so its effect will not be full. It falls in the nakshatra Ashlesha which is also known as the 'clinging star' or Hydra. At first glance the Hydra and tail of the dragon or snake may seem to have the same instinctive and intuitive predispositions. However, Ketu's fiery nature that burns off karma gets softened in the water sign of Cancer. Its natural tendency towards detachment and rejection of the material realm is confronted with an opportunity to embrace life, especially the bountiful material life of Cancer. Will this eclipse open our spirit to embrace our will and balance out the polarizing play of the nodes? Or will the shakti of the Ashlesha nakshatra visasleshana shakti, the power to inflict with venom paralyze the blooming Pushya energy?

Interestly Mercury is also in Ashlesha, which is a Mercury ruled nakshatra, separating the luminaries from Ketu. Perhaps Mercury in Cancer will be able to bridge the light of the spirit (Sun) and mind (moon) with the emotion of the will and heart (Ketu). As the planets of intuition and psychic insight, the Moon, Mercury and Ketu, align in this highly sensitive formation, I would pay attention to dreams and intuitive feelings.



astara999 said...

I'm new to this site, and although I know quite a lot about Western Astrology, I don't know anything about Vedic, but interested. I appreciate your insight.

I lived in Seattle over 15 years, and now in South Olympia area, so its really nice meeting a fellow Washingtonian.


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