Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year 2009

Saturn Retrograde December 31, 2008 - May 17, 2009
The new year begins under the influence of Saturn in Leo stationing to retrograde motion. Saturn has been traveling in the sign of Leo for the past 18 months, and will spend the next five months of the year retracing its steps. In Vedic astrology a retrograde is believed to amplify the power that a planet already has, in this case the power of renunciation, limitations and delay. The greatness of Saturn is that it creates these intense pressures which ultimately turn, and some would say crush, the carbon of our old patterns into a multifaceted diamond -- the strongest substance known to man.

As a Mercury retrograde pattern often offers the opportunity to reassess information, and complete unfinished business, a Saturn retrograde period ensures that we reassess that which we are building to make sure it is being done right, even if it takes longer than we originally planned. For example, for those of us who are struggling to pay off debt and trying to become more financially responsible, Saturn might throw a few delays/lessons our way to help us refine our plan.

An interesting news story on Saturn was released the day after it went retrograde: Is Saturn Losing its Rings? Wait, "back up". The answer to this hook is no. However, the angle we are viewing it from the earth makes it appear to be shrinking. Every 14 to 15 years (when Saturn is in Leo and in its own sign Aquarius), we on Earth see the rings edge-on. In reality the rings are still there, but they appear nearly invisible from Earth. The phenomenon, which stumped Galileo in the 1600s, is called a “ring plane crossing.” While the Earth has an equinox every six months, Saturn’s occur over a much longer period. The planet orbits the sun once every 29.5 years with its "equinox" at 14-15 year intervals. In 2009 the rings will appear thinner and thinner until September 4th when they will seem to have vanished.

Astrologically speaking Saturn is not comfortable in the warm sign of Leo because the social causes of Saturn conflict with the creative and self interests of Leo. Thus during this time issues of self vs society may highlighted. We may be asked to sacrifice the needs of the few for the many -- our golden rings appearing to vanish for a short period of time. At the same time as the Saturn station, a beautiful Moon-Venus conjunction occurred in the opposite sign of Aquarius. Saturn rules Aquarius and the conjunction of these benefics suggests that the hearts and minds of the public are ready for this change.


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