Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Astro Weather August 2009

Jupiter retrogrades back to Capricorn 7/30/09

Tomorrow Jupiter retrogrades away from the sign of Aquarius to Capricorn on its own day, Thursday. Usually Capricorn is the sign of debilitation for Jupiter, but this debilitation is canceled because of the retrograde motion in what is called a neecha banga raja yoga. In truth the debilitation is not fully canceled, but rather it does not produce as many negative effects -- until it goes stationary direct on October 13, 2009.

In Vedic astrology Jupiter is known as the great benefic that brings optimism, creativity, intelligence, and all that is good. It is the indicator of dharma, the inner law of our nature, and the law of men. Jupiter rules over law, religion and philosophy. In Sanskrit this planet is called Guru, the "spiritual teacher" or "guide" and can represent our teachers as well as the sat guru, our inner teacher. On the negative side, when Jupiter's expansive nature is effected, we may be over-optimistic, or extend ourselves and resources too far.

While Jupiter is in this neecha banga raja yoga, things may appear better than they truly are, especially in the US. According to the Scorpionic America chart with its Aquarius rising for the US, Jupiter rules the 2nd house of money and values, and 11th house of gains from its natal position in the 7th house. The US has a very fortunate chart, especially in its financial relationship with its partners and allies.

However, when Jupiter is debilitated, our 2nd and 11th house matters, like economy, money, values, gains, dreams and goals,take a hit. Saturn has been transiting the US natal Jupiter for the past two and a half years slowly grinding the economy, especially the real estate market -- ruled by Saturn -- to a halt. Moreover, when Jupiter first went into its sign of debilitation last December we were finally forced to reassess our expenditures and start living within our means. In May Jupiter slipped into the futuristic sign of Aquarius and transited the US Ascendant. This transit imparted some optimism for the future of the US, but the retrograde that started on June 15th has slowed this down. I expect there will be some over-spending or even faulty speculation during the next few months with the bill coming in October.

Jupiter will be in its neecha position until October 13, 2009, the anniversary of last year's economic melt down. At the same time Venus, the raja yoga planet for the US, will also be debilitated transiting through the US 8th house of debt. I suspect the economy will take a big hit during this time and wouldn't be surprised if a bank holiday is called.

So how do we use this energy to our benefit? With the retrograde instead of making impulsive decisions and quantum leaps into the future, we may focus more on inner work. There may be personal awakenings to a sense of destiny as Jupiter may show us the way to grow into our full potential.

Which leads me into another interesting Jupiter Phenomena: On July 20, 2009 Jet Propulsion Labs Photo Confirms Jupiter Hit by Object Exactly 15 Years After Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 Smacked Jupiter and on the 40th anniversary of Apollo 11. This headline really struck me because back in July of 1994 I remember when 22 broken pieces of the comet struck Jupiter.

At that time I was just beginning to study astrology and knew even then that this event was special. To me Jupiter signified the spirit and the 22 pieces of the comet represented the 22 major arcana cards of the tarot, the 22 steps on the path to enlightenment. I did a meditation and ritual to draw down this archetypal energy into my own life to open me up. And boy did it. Within three months I moved to the West coast and have gulped in its magic and healing lessons. So this new hit to Jupiter as it transits my own Aquarius ascendant intrigues me personally as once again I feel on the edge of a big shift -- but I will not make any impulsive or over-extended moves before next year.



Andre Heath said...

Hi Stargurl!

What do you see happening for the months of September, October and November?

It seems like we are entering a very critical period in the history of humanity.

stargurl said...

Hi Andre!

Yes, this fall is going to be very intense. I've been getting my thoughts together on it and will probably post something this weekend. I think I've been procrastinating because there are more difficult aspects to talk about than positive. Of course it's all part of the big transformation, so I believe it's all good.