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Astroweather -- Pleiadian Full Moon Musings

Full Moon November 21, 2010 at 9:27 am pst

This weekend the exalted Full Moon in Taurus receives stellar energy from the nakshatra Krittika. By definition a full moon is the peak lunar phase that occurs when the Moon is 180 degrees opposite the Sun. During this time the Moon at its brightest and most reflective. Whatever was initiated during the previous New Moon may come to fruition during the Full Moon.

Two weeks ago the Libra New Moon in Swati ushered in the festival of Diwali celebrating Ram's return to Ayodhya meaning without war, or perfect peace. Ironically we saw Nobel Peace Prize recipient President Obama make the 6th largest arms deal in US History with India during that weekend. Let's hope this Diwali gift doesn't light up the night skies with the wrong kind of fireworks.

Strangely two days later in the US, a mysterious missile did explode across the evening sky over Los Angeles. At first the Pentagon was unable to explain images of what witnesses took to be a high-altitude rocket. Later officials unconvincingly attributed it to the contrail of a jet plane. This apparent cover up stirred the voices of conspiracy, especially when other similar incidents were being reported in Canada and New York City.

Perhaps the most intriguing explanation came from Colleen Thomas who told reporters that a missile was launched by the US directed at Iran, but was downed by multi-dimensional extraterrestrials known as the Pleiadians. Thomas reported that another US missile was launched from San Diego which was directed at the aliens, but missed the target as the aliens not only have superior technology, but exist on a higher vibrational plane impervious to three-dimensional weaponry.

This home health administrator also described herself as the "mother" of a race of good aliens (the Pleiadians) and hybrids here on Earth who are here to defend humans from lizard people (Reptiles). According to alien root race theory, the lizard people are members of a reptilian race that originated in the circumpolar constellation of Draco, latin for Dragon. Ancient artifacts like the reptoid like figure below, dated 5,000 - 4,000 BC from Iraq (yep) may be evidence of their appearance on the earth. Modern conspiracy proponents like David Icke describe these beings as existing in the 4th dimension and being able to inhabit human bodies that have a special DNA or bloodline. Through this possession they keep the human race enslaved through political, economic, and religious manipulation.

On the day of the missile incident the Scorpio Moon was in the nakshatra of Jyeshtha whose associated deity is Indra, the "dragon slayer." I was amused at the symbolic coincidence. But could this cosmic synchronicity be revealing a deeper meaning to this incident? Did the Pleiadians really disarm a missile in their attempt to stop a reptilian agenda?

Perhaps we will find out this weekend as the Full Moon occurs 180 degrees from its position on November 8, 2010 fully illuminated in Krittika, the nakshatra associated with the group of stars called the Pleiades.

The Pleiades is a small cluster of seven visible stars in the constellation of Taurus 400-500 light years from Earth. There are 250-500 stars within the cluster, although only nine have been named.

Most ancient cultures and cosmology describe seven stars. The main star of the cluster is Alcyone, along with Maia, Electra, Merope, Taygete, Celaeno, and Sterope -- daughters of Aphrodite. In Greek the word pleiades means "dove." The leader of these doves, Alcyone, was said to bring good weather for the planting season alluding to the rising of the Pleiades in the spring.

More than any other star system, the Pleiades has captured the attention of both ancient and modern civilizations. For example Suburu is the Japanese name for the Pleiades and the Japanese automaker Subaru even depicts the stars in its logo. From 1985-91 it sold models to Asian markets called Alcyone, Vortex, and more recently Stella.

To ancient the Egyptians the seven stars were seven goddesses whom the dead had to encounter and by whom they had to be judged. Circa 2100 BC the Pleiades were visible through the south passageway of The Great pyramid Cheops on the first day of spring, at precisely midnight. In the ancient city of Dendera,the Temple of Hathor which was build during the Age of Taurus (the 1st century BC) was dedicated to the goddess of love and the stars of Hathor: the Pleiades. A zodiac in the Temple places the Pleiades as the center from which it was believed that our solar system revolved over 25,000 years.

Across the Atlantic, the Mesoamericans also created calendars that show a Great Year cycle in which our solar system rotates around Alcyone, the central star of the Pleiades. The Maya used three calendars, and the Tzolk'in, is based on this 26,000 year cycle of the Pleiades constellation.

A more unexpected connection to the Pleiades may be found in the megalithic structures of Neolithic Ireland. Ancient Celts used the acronychal rising of the Pleiades around the first of November to mark their month of mourning for dead friends. The Pleiades cluster not only marks the fall cross quarter on November 1st, Samhain on the Celtic calendar, but also the spring cross quarter on May 1st, called Beltane. Thus the stars rose on May Day, the Feast of Life and set on November Eve, the Feast of Death. Moreover the legendary Tuatha de Danaan, the matriarchal society that brought the megalithic culture to Ireland are described as arriving on May Day, May 1st, in "cloud ships" or from the "sky." Could these legendary faeries be early Pleiadian visitors?

[It is an intriguing coincidence that Colleen Thomas, whose name indicates she may be of Irish descent, is a matriarchal spokesperson for the Pleidians. My dear friend Wizard Azanon also channels information from the Pleidians. He too is of Irish descent with his natal Ketu, the South Node, indicator of past life and spiritual influences in Krittika! I will ask him to contact his inter-dimensional sources on Alcyone to see if the Pleiadians are indeed related to the Tuatha de Danaan and post the results at a later time.]

According to the Book of Invasions of the Mythological Cycle the Tuatha de Danaan are beings with supernatural powers and wits. The Tuatha de Danaan could go back and forth in time and between worlds. They could manipulate the weather and changing their appearance at will. Eventually the Tuatha de Danaan decided to live in an other dimension of space and time called Tir na nOg, Land of Eternal Youth. Tir na nOg was connected with our mortal world by the famous Irish portal and passage tombs like those at Newgrange which are astronomically aligned with the solstices.

Another Neolithic carving in Ireland that date circa 3,000 BC may be a depiction of the Pleiades. Kerbstone 51 is located on the eastern side of the great kerb around the cairn of Dowth. It portrays what appear to be stylized suns with rays shooting out from the center, and with the whole surrounded by a circle. There are seven of these 'suns' in total, six of which are contained within circles. Irish mythology about Dowth speaks of a bull and seven cows, and scholars believe the site has some connection with the constellation of Taurus, the Bull, and thus with the Pleiades.

Ancient practices of aligning or marking structures with Pleiadian references has made its way to the modern world through groups like the Freemasons. Although the precise origins of Freemasonry may be lost in history, its members are joined together by shared ideals of both a moral and metaphysical nature. Freemasonry is an esoteric art, in that certain aspects of its internal work are not overtly revealed to the public, but rather expressed through allegory and symbols in both art and architecture. Some people something think that almost all the Founding Fathers were Freemasons. Certainly George Washington was, and as his famous Masonic apron reveals, he and his fellow Masons understood the ancient power and astronomical marker of the Pleiades and Sirius. Notice the illustration of the seven stars associated with the Pleiades in the image below (and the symbol that resembles a UFO).

Masonic Tracing boards are painted or printed illustrations depicting the various emblems and symbols of Freemasonry. They were used as teaching aids during the lectures that follow each of the three Masonic Degrees, when an experienced member explains the various concepts of Freemasonry to new members. Here the seven stars of the Pleiades are illustrated on the right next to a stairway emanating from a bright Star believed to be Sirius. Notice the Angels, or extraterrestrial beings, descending the ladder to the Masonic Lodge ready to reveal the secrets of the universe to the initiates. Many traditions suggest that Sirius is the home of a portal or wormhole through which these enlightened beings travel to Earth from other star systems.

This esoteric belief finds expression in modern architecture designed by the Freemasons. Wayne Herschel has brilliantly exposed the Masonic symbolism in the design of Washington, DC and its monuments. Most significant is the Washington Monument designed after an ancient Egyptian obelisk. In his research on the Key of Solomon, only partially reveal to the public by Dan Brown in The Lost Symbol, Herschel goes further and systematically reveals the profound stellar alignment, which includes Sirius and the Pleiades, with the Washington National Monuments. This energetic punctuation mark points to an esoteric energy source that is timed with the birth date of the United States, July 4th. How does the astronomical alignment of these stars with a national obelisk acting as a tuning fork effect our nation? Does it draw energy or create some sort of portal through which beings from other dimensions may descend?

Many ancient texts suggest a direct connection between the Pleiades and the evolution of life on earth. The Moon, indicator of growth, nourishment and the feminine creative principle, is exalted here. In the Vedic tradition the seven visible stars of the Pleiades are associated with the seven wifes of the ancient Seers who fostered on of Shiva's sons, Karttikeya, the commander of the celestial godly forces. According to the legend the wives hid Karttikeya from the demons and trained him in the various systems of knowledge. When he completed his education he fulfilled his destiny by destroying the demons and returning heaven to the Gods. Doesn't this epic Vedic myth sounds a lot like the ancient cosmic fight between angels and demons, or reptilian and humanoid aliens?

Thus the nakshatra Krittika, is associated with hidden worlds, with the care and nurturing of the young, and with education. The Pleiades is a place of refuge and a celestial training ground where one receives instruction on one's life purpose. It is an interesting coincidence that the Pleidians are viewed as older being wishing to humans grow and develop. Could Colleen Thomas truly be receiving information and instructions from the Pleiadian guardians, and might a new message come through during this Full Moon conjunction of the Pleiades?

The power of Krittika is to burn or cut away negativity in order to get to the deepest truths, dahana shakti. Another deity associated with this nakshatra is Agni, the god of fire and tranformation. Purification rituals like asana, pranayama, and fasting can be used to increase our inner fire to burn away karma. Krittika is also called the "star of fire" as it can bring out divine qualities in human nature through this purification. May the light of this bright moon bathed in the vibration of the Pleidian mothers bring sparks of creativity and enlightenment to our purification practices.



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