Sunday, November 30, 2008

December 2008 Astroweather

December begins with the three great benefics, the Moon, Jupiter and Venus, converging together in late degrees of Sagittarius during the twilight hours. Under the influence of Uttara Ashada, this luminous combination inspires openness, grace and ease. You may remember this nakshatra's influence over last month's presidential election, giving unchallengable victory to President-elect Obama. Uttara Ashada is ruled by the ten Vishvadevas or Universal Gods: Goodness, Truth, Willpower, Skill, Time, Desire, Firmness, Ancestors, Brightness and Peak. These deities are the guardians of all that is good and their strength is based on the collective alliance of good virtue. When the Moon, Jupiter and Venus align under their universal consciousness, victory is given to the collective good and we realize that we are more powerful united as one. It is fascinating that President-elect Obama will official announce his national security team, including Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, under this powerful stellar line up that falls in the 11th house of gains and groups of the US Scorpionic Chart.

Jupiter in Capricorn 12/9/08 - 12/17/09
On December 9, 2008 Jupiter changes sign from its mulatrikona rulership in Sagittarius to its debilitation in the sign of Capricorn. Jupiter's expansive and optimistic nature is subdued under the influence of Saturn's sign. It will be a year to reassess how we spend our money, time and energy. Many of us will be on a debt diet to restore our financial health. It will not be easy, but certainly will be worth it in the long run.

In addition, Jupiter will be entangled in the eclipse patterns at the end of January and beginning of February. The solar eclipse occurs on January 25, 2009, followed by a lunar eclipse on February 9, 2009 and Jupiter's conjunction with Rahu on February 14, 2009. Astrological traditions view eclipse cycles as karmic time periods in which the obscuration of the luminaries brings out psychological disturbances, political unrest, shadow issues, and fear. During this two period it is important to remain objective and not get carried away with any impulsive choices based on fear. The sign of Capricorn promises prosperity through sacrifice and endurance. It can bring depression by delaying things, obstacles, and worry, but it can also deliver success through perseverance.

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