Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Orbs at Grant Park

An orb is a transparent sphere of light that appears in digital photography. The scientific view is that in digital cameras the distance between the lens and flash has decreased causing a decrease in the angle of light reflection that increases the chance of catching sub-visible particles. However, there have been experiments using the same camera that have captured orbs where there were none moments before. The psychic community suggests that orbs are balls of psychoplasmic energy that appear under certain conditions -- like extreme emotions or in the presence of paranormal activity. I have photographed orbs only once. Days after the death of my father, my four year old nephew was collecting Easter Eggs and was tickled beyond belief to find one in the mail box. . . we all were laughing and it was a moment of beautiful bliss. The orbs appeared around him and we felt it was my father and ancestors watching over this moment. So when I viewed these photos of the orbs at Grant Park I knew it represented the extreme global release of joy and hope that the entire world felt at the news of Barack Obama's Presidential win.

The photos were passed along to me via email with this note:
When we were on our way home from the rally Tuesday, we ran into a couple of ladies on the train that had taken some pictured I wanted to share with a few people. The lady who took these didn't believe in this stuff beforehand, but does now. These are some amazing orb shots from the Grant Park rally the other night. I shot these from her camera screen with my video camera, because I didn't have my regular camera on me at the time. But you get the gist when you see them. Lots of happy souls out there.

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