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Astro Weather November 2009

Full Moon November 2, 2009, 11:14 am PST

November begins under the influence of the full moon in Aries, in the nakshatra Bharani. Bharani means "she who bears" which indicates the ability to endure hard work. Its power is to cleanse and remove impurities, apabharani shakti. Although its symbol is the yoni, or vagina, 'bearing' does not necessarily mean 'bearing' children, but rather the capacity to receive, hold, nurture, and destroy. The yoni also represents a doorway through which a soul enters the physical plane. The deity connected to this nakshatra is Yama, one of the eight gate-keepers and god of death. Yama guides souls back to the astra plane where it realizes the results of its karma from the present life, and prepares for the next. Extremes, such as birth and death, may be experienced under the influence of Bharani.

The moon in Aries is also in exchange with Mars in Cancer, called Parivartana Yoga. The mutual exchange of signs binds the planets together in a special yoga in which each planet then acts as though its in its own sign, or mulatrikona. A parivartana yoga will always increase the power of the two houses that each planet rules and is placed. It will also increase the power of the two grahas (planets) involved, for good or bad. In the case of this full moon chart, the moon rules the 8th house of death and is placed in the 5th house of creativity, children, and past life credit. As both the Moon and Mars are benefics for a Sagittarius rising, this exchange might indicate a release of creativity, or resolution of some karma. However with Pluto, the planet of transformation, rising on the horizon in the nakshatra of Mula, the home of the galactic center, it might be something more intense. Perhaps even some astronomical event like increased cosmic or gamma rays.

UPDATE Gamma Ray article - click here:

Moreover, the full moon is part of a Grand Cardinal T-Square or wide-angled Grand Cross with Sun in Libra, Mars in Cancer, and Jupiter (at a wide orb) in Capricorn. In a T-square, the tension and awareness created by the two planets in opposition (Sun/Moon) is resolved either by the planet receiving the double square (Mars). A Grand Square configuration has the energy potential of building stress and tension until it has to be released. At that point, some sort of action needs to happen. Squares can generate the energy of feeling insecure and uncomfortable. The Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) take action. A Cardinal Square may not be able to take action in time. Or the Cardinal need to be first creates situation in which they may charge in to get things done. For this configuration to occur at a full moon indicates there will be clarity around any action, or it will be the fruition of what has been initiated. Or since all of the planets aspecting the moon are debilitated, their influence will not be as strong as the moon itself.

Venus enters Libra, Rahu/Ketu enter Sagittarius/Gemini November 3, 2009
The day after the full moon two major changes take place: Venus, in the morning star position, enters its own sign of Libra. Venus becomes more powerful now indicating it is a time to heal our differences. Relationships become sweeter. Social activities expand, luxurious purchases increase, arts and creativity are inspired, education gets a boost, and devotional practices are deep and profound . However, as I noted in a previous article posted on August 29, 2009, there may be a connection between Venus morning star and epidemics. Let's hope the expansion of health will not extend to the asura-like wee beasties known as H1N1, and instead Venus will use her abundant power keep them under control.

The best news is that Rahu/Ketu will leave Capricorn/Cancer and enter Sagittarius/Gemini for the next 18 months. Rahu has been traveling with a debilitated Jupiter in Capricorn. As Rahu's shadowy nature is to expand what ever it comes into contact with, its influence has been especially toxic to a weakened Jupiter, planet of optimism, good fortune, and spirituality. The incredible mess of the US economy is reflected in this toxic combination in which the bail out was not closely monitored, and the Pigs fed further at the Trough. Jupiter will finally exit its sign of debilitation and head into brighter star fields on December 19, 2009 at which time all the things that Jupiter rules -- finances, wealth, money, spirituality, wisdom, knowledge and truth -- will be restored. Hang in there!


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