Friday, October 2, 2009

Astro Weather October 2009

Full Moon October 3, 2009 at 11:10 pm, PDT.
October's full moon will occur in the sign of Pisces and the nakshatra Revati. Being the last sign and nakshatra in the astrological wheel, they are both connected to endings and completion.

Revati is translated as "wealthy" and "to transcend," perhaps alluding to its place at the end of the journey through 27 nakshatras. Revati provides kshiradyanapni shakti, the power of nourishment symbolized by milk. The presiding deity is Pushan, a protector of flocks and herds. According to the Puranas, Pushan is one of the twelve solar sons of Aditi who was the keeper of the sacred cows of the gods. He protected travelers from bandits and wild beasts, and prevented men from being exploited by other men. Pushan guided his followers towards rich pastures and wealth. We could certainly use his help right now.

The Harvest Moon is another archetype for the end of a growing season and the time to reap what has been sown. As this full moon occurs closest to the September equinox, it is this year's Harvest Moon. A Harvest Moon is no ordinary full moon and it behaves in a special way. Throughout the year the Moon rises about 50 minutes later after sunset each day. But near the autumnal equinox, the difference in the local time of moon rise is only 30 minutes. Before the advent of electricity and of tractor lights, this phenomenon came in handy as it meant there was no long period of darkness between sunset and moonrise for several days after full moon. Farmers could work on in the fields, bringing in the crops by moonlight. The extra hours of light projected by the full Moon closest to the equinox is what gives the Harvest Moon its name. What is your harvest this year?

Mars enters Cancer October 5, 2009 - May 27, 2010
On October 5, 2009 Mars will enter its sign of debilitation, Cancer, and remain there until May 27, 2010. Astrologically Mars is the planetary archetype for energy, desire, aggression, anger, war and the ability to get what you want. When it is debilitated, energy doesn't flow smoothly, and it is much harder to get what you want. Tempers flare more easily under the emotional Cancerian influence on the planet of desire.

The most difficult time of the month will occur on October 9th when Mars conjoins Ketu, the south node. As I mentioned in a previous post Mars rules the blood, and Ketu rules epidemics, unpredictable disease, hard to treat conditions, hysteria, and conditions resulting from poisonings. Ketu has a fiery nature and when combined with Mars may indicate a sudden onset of fever and inflammation, as in a sudden spread of epidemic flu, or release of explosive energy.

The explosive power of this conjunction may be seen on October 9th when NASA's LCROSS Mission to fire a Centaur rocket at the Moon to see if any water, ice or vapour is revealed in the cloud of debris. The explosion may even been witnessed by amateur astronomers here on earth. Ah, recent reports suggest that water has been discovered on the moon (as well as Mars) by NASA's probe on top of the Indian Lunar Probe Chandrayaan-1. So why bomb it?

On October 9, 2009 the Moon itself will be in the sign of Gemini. Coincidentally the first three NASA space programs were called Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo -- all archetypes of travel, business, communication and knowledge, as well as cons, deception, thieves, and duality. Gemini missions included the first American spacewalks, and new orbital maneuvers including rendezvous and docking. Two days after the scheduled blast, the Moon will conjoin Mars in Cancer and we may see the effects of the scarring probe, or something unexpected given Ketu's abstract nature.

More Debilitation of Planets: Venus, Jupiter, Sun
Venus enters its sign of debilitation, Virgo, on October 10, 2009. As I mentioned in my previous post she gains a little strength traveling with Mercury in Virgo as this exalted planet raises her up. When Mercury enters Libra on October 24, the two benefics will be in mutual exchange, again canceling Venus' debilitation.

Next Jupiter, ruler of wisdom, the law, education, openness, and success will go stationary direct on October 13 and return to its full debilitation opposite the Mars-Ketu conjunction. If that weren't enough, the Sun, the ruler of vitality, makes its yearly visit to its sign of debilitation, Libra, between October 17 - November 16. With so many planets in weakened states, it will take a lot of work to stay balanced.

Mercury and Saturn will be strong in Virgo, and suggest that discipline and methodical thinking are the way to go. Mercury likes to go fast, and Saturn likes to go slow, so they will definitely be tugging in both directions. But Saturn wins out -- meaning restriction, moderation, and balance are key. More than anything, Virgo is a sign of service with a sense of duty that is comfortable in the company of Saturn. In various legends Virgo represents the goddess of justice, or the goddess of the harvest, expressed in the adage that you will reap what you have sown. May your autumnal harvest be fruitful and sustain you through the winter.


Mars has just entered Cancer and I realized it did so under the sign of Aries placing it in mutual exchange thus canceling the debilitation for three days. It is back on at the end of the week. And the LCROSS mission is scheduled for 4:30 am pdt when the moon will be in the last degrees of Taurus, its sign of exhaltation. NASA actually asks if people are having viewing parties. . . crazy.


Andre Heath said...

Excellent Liz!

I have been asking the same questions as well regarding this October 9th bombing of the moon. It is really outrageous. So outrageous, that I am beginning to think that this has more to do with something else that we are not being told about. What that is, I am not sure, but it could have something to do with either incoming asteroids, Project Bluebeam, NAZI moon structures or ETs on the lunar surface?

Either way, we are not being told the truth.

I will be doing some more research on the astrological forecast that you outlaid here, especially on the Harvest Moon and Mars for October 9.

Question: What are your thoughts on the theories about the Moon being an artificial satellite?

stargurl said...

Hi Andre,

Yes, I agree with you. There is more to the LCROSS project than simply finding water. I'm not sure about the L, but somehow the word LCROSS hits me a some sort of not-so-hidden symbol of 'double cross' or 'L-eft cross' . . . and the rocket that is being used is called the Centaur -- in astrology the Centaur is the symbol for the sign Sagittarius, opposite Gemini, the name associated with early space exploration. Gemini is represented by the twins and described as having a dual nature. . . or dual purpose? Gemini and Sagittarius also mark the edge and middle of the Milky Way with Sagittarius marking the galactic center, which as John Major Jenkins has suggested will be rising during the winter solstice of 2012/end of Mayan calendar. My 'spidey' star senses suggest this somehow plays into it as well.

I also think that the date of the 9th of October is using the 9/alien theme that has popped up this year (as in District 9). . . astrologically it is the worse date to execute this project (conjunction of debilitated Mars in the sign of the moon with Ketu, the moon's south node (pole)). Perhaps some benevolent space brothers will interfere and cause some mysterious malfunction? Moreover, it feels like there is some other connection with Mars as the media released the stories on finding water on both the Moon and Mars at the same time.

Although I haven't done much research on the Moon being an artificial satellite or hollow, I do think it is a possibility. If you have any suggestions of books or videos I would be curious to look at it is the one topic that my partner, who is usually open, just doesn't believe. I do believe there is a presence on the moon already, but whether it is human, et, or a hybrid I'm not sure.

Interesting times!


stargurl said...

In India, the Swastika is used in two forms, one with the arms moving to the right, the right-handed Swastika, and the other with the arms moving to the left, the so-called "left-handed" occult Swastika. It is commonly thought that the Nazis used the left-handed Swastika and that this is the difference between the Hindu's use of the Swastika and the Nazi's use of it. But this is not the case. In fact, the Nazis used the same right-handed Swastika that is used in modern Hinduism, but gave it a 45 degree turn. This gives it the appearance of being left-handed, even though it is not. Regardless, in India many groups have used the left-handed Swastika. One common example amongst Hindu groups is the Theosophical Society, which used it on their logo. The left-handed Swastika is also associated with esoteric tantric practices.

Orgone Gnosis said...

Powerful commentary Liz. I happen to have Mars in Cancer in my regular western natal chart, co-incident to that I am often striving for a disciplined balance in life, which seems to pull me through tough times. I am going to use these upcoming events to tackle the very issues that have been displacing my balance. I practiced this in mercury retrogrades and felt I achieved a quantum shift in my world every time.

Thanks again for your insight!

stargurl said...

Thank you for your kind words,OG.

Your openness to work on balance when facing these upcoming events is what is being asked of us all. Not an easy task, but well worth it.

I dislike making too many astrological predictions, and instead prefer to look at astro weather as opportunity to balance and realign ourselves with universal energy. Or even to get out of our programming, and that includes astro programming. We are not our charts. We are self determining beings.

If you Mars is between 23-29 degrees Cancer it will be in Cancer in the Vedic system, and anything earlier will be in Gemini, the sign of the writer. In Vedic astrology the energy of Mars is necessary for spiritual seekers to stay on path. Mars in Cancer is often found in charts of folks on that journey.


Orgone Gnosis said...

I very much agree that the astro programming, or astral network one is born under is not the true soul self, but a reflection of the energies we encounter and mungle with while coming into this matrix at specific junctures.

You know that obviously, but since others read this I wanted to delineate and say there is a deep well of existence where we come from: from a greater depth especially when engaged in self-improvement, creating a field of energy which replaces weaker traits with more usable ones.

And yes, I looked over my chart again and my Mars in Cancer is indeed 29 degrees.

sat nam

stargurl said...

Eloquently said! BTW I also have Mars (retrograde) in Cancer :) If you are interested in reading more about the spiritual nature of Mars check out Gary Gomes Article 'Mars: the Spiritual Energy of the Mighty Malefic' at